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File 2016 GMC Program Ver.4 (072016).pdf(1.12 MB)
Title 2016 GMC at Hong Kong

2016 Global Marketing Conference at Hong Kong Program (ver.4)

Date: July 21-24, 2016
Venue: Conrad Hong Kong, Hong Kong
- American Marketing Association
- European Marketing Academy
- Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy
- Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution
- Korean Scholars of Marketing Science
​ ​
International Textile and Apparel Association
- Lingnan University
- Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations
- China Marketing Association (China)
- Association for Consumer Research (USA)
- AEMARK (Spain)
- Greek Marketing Academy (Greece)
- Aalto University School of Business (Finland)
- Harbin Institute of Technology (China)
- Center for Sustainable Culture & Service, Yonsei University (Republic of Korea)
- Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

- Aalto University Executive Education

- Creativity Marketing Center, ESCP Europe

- National Research Foundation of Korea

- Youngone Corporation

- Korea Economy and Management Development Institute

- Korea Tourism Organization

- Seoul Metropolitan Government

- Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

The Conference Organizing Committee Chair:
- Eunju Ko (Yonsei University)
Conference Co-Chairs:
- Roland T. Rust (University of Maryland)
- Gerrit van Bruggen (Erasmus University)
- Sharyn Rundle-Thiele (Griffith University)
- Jaihak Chung (Sogang University)
- Patrick Poon (Lingnan University)
Academic Excellence Committee Chair:
- Charles R. Taylor (Villanova University)
Conference Proceedings Editor: 
- Juran Kim (Jeonju University)
Joint Symposia:
- 2016 EMAC-GAMMA Joint Symposium
- 2016 ANZMAC-GAMMA Joint Symposium
- 2016 JSMD-GAMMA Joint Symposium
- 2016 ITAA-GAMMA Joint Symposium
- 2016 AEMARK-GAMMA Joint Symposium
- 2016 LU-GAMMA Joint Symposium
- 2016 GMA-GAMMA Joint Symposium
- 2016 NMSBA-GAMMA Joint Symposium
- 2016 ESCP-GAMMA Joint Symposium
Sponsoring Journals: Special Issues or Sections
Journal of Business Research (SSCI): 4 special issues
  1) GAMMA President's Choice Awards
  2) Transcultural Experiences within and beyond Home
  3) Marketing Anthropology Research
  4) Building, Testing, and Comparing Theories based on
      Asymmetric versus Symmetric Tests
International Journal of Advertising (SSCI): Electronic word of Mouth (e-WOM)
- Industrial Marketing Management (SSCI):
  Success factors in global business-to-business markets
- Journal of Advertising (SSCI): Luxury brand management in advertising
- Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (SSCI):
  Global perspectives in public policy and marketing
Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science
​ (KCI & ABDC)​
  1) Marketing in Emerging Markets
  2) Field and Historical Ethnographic and Mixed Methods Strategies in Research in
      Marketing for Achieving the Everlasting Quest for Excellence
  3) Advancing Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
Journal of Global Fashion Marketing
  Behind the glamour of fashion 
Journal of Brand Management
   Corporate Branding and Identity-based Value Management in a Global Context
Australasian Marketing Journal
: Celebrating the Magic of Marketing
- Journal of Management Science (CSSCI):
  New normal in China: The opportunities and challenges confronting marketing
Keynote & Invited Speeches:
- V. Kumar (Georgia State University)
  Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Marketing
- J. Scott Armstrong (Wharton School)
  Recipient of the Armstrong Brilliance in Research in Marketing Award 2016
Research, Writing, Publishing Skills-Building Workshop:
- Instructor: Arch G. Woodside (Curtin University, Perth)
2016 GAMMA Young Artist Competition:
- Committee Chair: Jee Hyun Lee (Yonsei University)
- Art Director: Jaehee Chung (Yonsei University)
- Associate Art Director: Sooyoung Leam (Shanghai Biennale)
2016 GAMMA Job Platform:
- Chair: Tony Garrett (Korea University)
- GAMMA Global Marketer of the Year Award 2016
- GAMMA Global Scholar of the Year Award 2016
- Armstrong Brilliance in Research in Marketing Award 2016
LORÉAL Professorship in Creativity Marketing Award on Beauty & Marketing 2016
Number of Sessions: 101
Number of Participants: 1,100
Participating Countries: 53 
Conference Homepage: http://gammaconference.org/2016/

Attached is '2016 GMC at Hong Kong Program (ver.4).

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