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Title ACCESS Recruitment Announcement 2019-2020

Dear Colleague,

ACCESS (since 2014) is the only English magazine globalizing Korean culture to the world edited by college
student volunteers.

ACCESS needs new members (reporter, designer, or marketer) for 2019-2020.

Most of ACCESS business meetings will be conducted in cyber space. 

<Recruitment 2019-2020: ACCESS - Cultural Platform>
1. Eligibility: 
- Undergraduate or graduate students of any university in the world.
- They should be interested in interviewing artists and writing articles (reporter), designing ACCESS magazine (Designer), or marketing ACCESS to the world (Marketer).
2. Application:
- Application Deadline: Oct. 27, 2019
- Positions:
  a. Reporters: Completed Application Form and 1 Essay that represents you best.
  b. Designers: Completed Application Form and 1 Digital Portfolio that shows your style
  c. Marketers: Completed Application Form and 1 Digital Portfolio that shows your experience with SNS marketing
3. ACCESS Homepages:
4. Publication Director: Prof. Eunju Ko (Yonsei University)
5. Publisher: Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations (GAMMA)
6. For More Information: 
- Dayun Jeong (ACCESS Executive Editor): Tel: +82-10-8993-0012; E-mail: danidani83@nate.com

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