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File 2018 KSMS Intl Conference Program ver.2.pdf(1003.4 KB)
Title 2018 KSMS Intl Conference Program (ver.2)

2018 KSMS International Conference Program (ver.2)

Date: November 10-11, 2018
Venue: Jeong Hasang Hall, Sogang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Theme: Searching for the New Roles of Marketing in Challenging Business World
Host: Sogang Business School, Sogang University
Organizers: Korean Scholars of Marketing Science
                   Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations
Partners: Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy
                Keio University
                New Zealand Asia Institute of the University of Auckland
                National Research Foundation of Korea
                Korea Economy & Management Development Institute
                LOD: Life on DNA
Conference Chair: Jaihak Chung (Sogang University)
Keynote Speaches: 
- Macromarketing and the Korean Wave
  Mark Peterson (University of Wyoming), Editor, Journal of Macromarketing
- Economic Tremors and Earthquakes: Sharing, The Sharing Economy, Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrencies, and DAOs
  Russell Belk (York University), Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing
  • 2018 ANZMAC - KSMS Joint Symposium
  • 2018 NZAI - GAMMA Joint Symposium
  • 2018 B2B Innovative Digital Marketing Symposium
  • 2018 Global Culture Market Equity Symposium
  • 2018 Keio Univeristy-GAMMA Joint Symposium
  • New Roles of Research Method in Management and Marketing I, II
  • Consumer Wellbeing in Transforming Asia I, II
  • Consumer Involvement in Marketing Activities I, II
  • Neuromarketing and Big Data Network in Sustainable Business Environment 
  • Cultural Marketing and Performing Arts 
  • Strategic Perspectives in Product Design Management 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet Research and Consumer Behavior 
  • Emerging Issues in Sport Management 
  • Digital and Technology Driven Marketing 
  • Culture and Sustainable Advertising 
  • Fashion Marketing and Research Marketing Culture Products
  • Marketing Management in the Global Environment
2018 KSMS Doctoral Dissertation Competition
Committee Chair: Jeonghye Choi (Yonsei University)
2018 Global Business Review Competition: Case and Research
Theme: Searching for the New Roles of Marketing in Challenging Business World
Committee Co-Chairs: Heeju Chae (Kyungsung University)
                                    Jeeyeon Kim (Yonsei University),
Editorial Board Meetings:
- Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science: Arch Woodside (Coastal Carolina University), Editor-in-Chief
- Journal of Global Fashion Marketing: Eunju Ko (Yonsei University), Editor-in-Chief
- Journal of Global Sport Management: Kihan Kim (Seoul National University), Editor-in-Chief
KSMS Board Meeting: Yung Kyun Choi (Dongguk University), President of Korean Scholars of Marketing Science
JGSMS Best Paper Award 2018 / JGSMS Best Reviewer Award 2018
JGFM Best Paper Award 2018 / JGFM Best Reviewer Award 2018
JGSM Best Paper Award 2018 / JGSM Best Reviewer Award 2018
Best Conference Paper Award
KSMS Service Excellence Award 
2018 Doctoral Dissertation Competition Award
2018 Global Business Review Competition Award
Editor of Proceedings: Yerim Chung (Yonsei University)

For More Information: 
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9 Sarimdong, Changwon, Gyeongnam, Republic of Korea. 
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