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Title JPPM Special Issue for 2016 GMC at Hong Kong Published

Dear Colleague,

A special section of 'Journal of Public Policy and Marketing' on 'Global Perspectives in Public Policy and Marketing' for '2016 Global Marketing Conference at Hong Kong' was published.

A Special Section of 'Journal of Public Policy and Marketing' on 'Global Perspectives in Public Policy and Marketing 
JPPM  Vol. 37 (1) Spring 2018

1. Introduction to the Special Section on Global Perspectives in Public Policy and Marketing
- Steven W. Kopp and Kyung-Hoon Kim
2. How Liberals and Conservatives Respond to Equality-Based and Proportionality-Based Rewards in Charity Advertising
- Younghwa Lee, Sukki Yoon, Young Woo Lee and Marla B. Royne
3. The Impact of Nutrition Label Regulation on Firm Marketing Action and Performance in China
- Peng Zou, Yixin Li and Yan Liu
4. Consumer Response to Disclosures in Digitally Retouched Advertisements
- Nadine A. Schirmer, Manfred Schwaiger, Charles R. Taylor and John P. Costello
5. Toward a General Theory of Regulatory Arbitrage: A Marketing Systems Perspective
- Alexei Gloukhovtsev, John W. Schouten and Pekka Mattila
6. Social Sustainability as Buying Local: Effects of Soft Policy, Meso-Level Actors, and Social Influences on Purchase Intentions
- Francesco Testa, Michael V. Russo, T. Bettina Cornwell, Aaron McDonald and Brandon Reich
7. Remedying Food Policy Invisibility with Spatial Intersectionality: A Case Study in the Detroit Metropolitan Area
- Seongsoo Jang and Jinwon Kim

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